bedside potty chairs for adults are an economical, safe, hygienic and dignified solution to being incontinent. They are easy to use and many have a removable pot which is easy to empty then wipe clean. Others have bags with handles that fit over the rim of the potty chair which can be removed, emptied and replaced without needing to touch any waste at all.

These incontinence products are available in a range of styles from those which look like real chairs to some that are portable and can be used anywhere for added convenience. The following articles will provide you with some useful information on the advantages of using these types of incontinence aids as well as how they work, where they can be used and some of the best models on the market.

What are Bedside Potty Chairs for Adults?

As their name suggests, bedside potty chairs for adults are usually placed by the side of a bed and next to a wall or other support so that they can be used easily and safely at night or during periods of illness. Although they are small and discreet enough to fit beside a bed or chair, these incontinence products are much larger than standard potty chairs that are generally used for children.

They range in height from about 40 cm to 45 cm which makes them safer to use as it is much easier to pull the clothing down out of harm’s way when using one of these than when using a smaller potty with tiny legs which can be unstable. They also have handles on the side for extra safety and comfort. Learn more about the best potty chairs for adults models on this pageĀ

How Do Bedside Potty Chairs for Adults Work?

Most bedside potty chairs for adults are very simple to use and work in the same way as a standard toilet. The majority of these types of incontinence aids are suitable for men and women and the controls are usually fairly straightforward.

The seat is often soft, waterproof plastic similar to a temporary outdoor event or party seat which makes it very easy to clean after use. It also helps people with sensitive skin as it does not cause any irritation or discomfort.

These types of potty chairs lift up and lock into position so they can be used as a traditional toilet with the user sitting down onto it. Toilet paper is usually supplied and if not, any type will do including rough paper towels which are often more suitable than soft tissue for those who suffer from severe or stubborn incontinence.

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